Interview Success for Marketing Managers


Interview Success for Marketing Managers

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No matter how many interviews you have in your career or how senior a level you achieve, the process is always daunting.  Armstrong Lloyd works with lots of Marketing Managers, both more traditional and Digital Marketing Managers and we thought we’d share our thoughts for interview success.

Interview Preparation

It’s an old adage but a true one – prior preparation is everything.  Carry out your research in plenty of time, looking a company structure, geography, markets, products, recent press releases etc.  One of the first things you are likely to be asked in an interview is what you know about the company – show off those research skills!

Your Recruitment Partner at Armstrong Lloyd will also be a valuable source for information that isn’t available in the public domain such as team structure, culture, areas of focus and plans for growth.

Metrics! Metrics! Metrics!

The perception of traditional “fluffy” marketing is rapidly disappearing and employers are looking for strategic, results driven marketers with a history of success.  Your CV showcases this and interviewers will likely refer to it, so make sure you know it backwards.  There is nothing more embarrassing than getting stumped by a question on your own CV!

So what type of things will interviewers want to know?

Campaign management – your objectives, what channels you used, how much revenue the campaign generated and what percentage of new sales this equated to.

Strategy – examples of your strategic thinking.  What you were looking to achieve; growth, defence and how these aligned and contributed to business goals.

External agency management – project scope, budgets, measurement, results

Digital experience – SEO, search marketing, display advertising, email marketing, web technologies, social media experience.  How you implemented them and the results.

Which platforms and software are you familiar with – CMS (e.g. SDL Tridion, WordPress), CRM’s (e.g. Salesforce), marketing automation (e.g. Eloqua) – where you have implemented them and what the impacts were.

Competency Questions

As all roles will have their core competencies, your interviewers will examine how you measure up with competency questions.  One of the most common pieces of negative is that interviewees ramble and fail to actually answer the question.  Use the STAR technique to stay on track and be concise whilst demonstrating your capabilities.

Wrapping Up

Have some questions ready for your interviewers that demonstrate your interest in the company and don’t forget to actually state that you are keen on the role – don’t assume they know.

Get in touch with your Recruitment Partner when you are finished to feedback on your experience and good luck!