Build Credibility as a Marketer - Work Co-Operatively


Build Credibility as a Marketer - Work Co-Operatively

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“Credibility – the quality of being believable or worthy of trust”

No matter what level of seniority you are, building credibility in your job is essential.  If your colleagues and superiors don’t consider you believable or worthy of trust, then your chances of progression are going to be slim.

Delivering results and showcasing your abilities go a long way to building your credibility, but where does working co-operatively come into the plan?  

The not so simple answer is, in a myriad of ways.  We almost never complete an entire project solely using our own resources.  Whether it is a campaign, a new product launch or a data led piece; your ability to work effectively with others directly impacts on other’s perception of you.  

It could be reporting progress to your line manager, managing external agencies, working with your team colleagues or managing multiple internal stake holders; your ability to either work with or manage others to achieve your aims has a direct impact on your credibility.  If you become known as someone who can deliver results but takes all the credit in the process, just how worthy of trust will your colleagues consider you to be?

The skills you need to build your credibility as a marketer

Relationship building – taking the time to get to know others and build a rapport will go a long way towards their willingness to help and work with you.  Developing an awareness and an ability to manage their strengths and weaknesses and understand the demands placed on them will also help to make a difference.

Know when to speak up or shut up – your ability to know when to pipe up and make your voice heard in a project will result in others respecting your ability to contribute and keep a project on track.  Equally important is knowing when to keep shtum and let other’s expertise take the lead.

Have a plan – presumably you’ll have a project plan of sorts.  As part of your planning process, know whose additional resource you’ll need to complete it.  Gain the buy in for their resource at the start – it’s no good asking at the time and finding they are snowed under and unable to contribute for a few weeks.  The helpful thing about credibility is the more you build, the more likely others are to willingly work with you!

Give credit where it’s due – one of the biggest things that impacts your credibility is hogging all the credit.  It hits not only your believability but also your trustworthiness.  Other’s won’t want to work with you and word will eventually trickle back to senior decision makers who will then doubt your capability.

In larger businesses, working co-operatively extends beyond your direct team members.  You may find yourself drawing on the skills of finance, production, sales, data teams, legal or technical departments.  Being able to do so with skill and diplomacy will see your credibility rise companywide and, in some cases, help to overcome any lingering traditional views of the marketing department.