Failed Recruitment Drive - What Next?

Failed marketing recruitment drive

Failed Recruitment Drive - What Next?

Karen Lloyd employer, HR

Do you have big plans to build your team or are you facing the loss of a valuable team member?  Either way you have a recruitment drive on your hands.  But, what if after six weeks or so you’ve been let down by agencies or candidates and are feeling thoroughly fed up with wasted time and effort?

We all fail to achieve goals from time to time, although when it happens at the hands of others it can be incredibly frustrating.   When you end up in this position, what do you do?  Keep plodding away with the hope that things will change?  Many do, although considering Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity as doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results; it may not be the most strategic of approaches.

So, we thought we’d look at the practical things you can do after a failed recruitment drive to turn things around and reach your recruitment goals.

Identify the problem

Work with your HR team to review your agencies, brief and interview process.  Are the candidates not up to scratch?  Does the agency actually understand the brief? Are candidates dropping like flies? 
Could it be the job description isn’t reflective of the true job?  Perhaps your interview technique is a little off putting?  

Broaden your horizons

Try not to fall into the trap of assuming only candidates with the same industry background would be the right fit.  Parallels can be drawn between many industries and these professionals bring new fresh new ideas and vision to the team.

Look for the Passion

Seek out those potential employees who live and breathe what they do.  Those who are passionate not only about their area of expertise but even about what you do as a company.  Work with your HR team to look beyond purely what a CV can tell you and get to know the person behind the paperwork.  They may just be your hidden gem.

Specialist Expertise Requires Experts

It takes one to know one – marketers are specialists so get to know recruiters who specialise in your expertise.  Whether it is niche areas such as SEO, PPC, automation or strong digital marketers; a generalist recruiter is far less likely to have access to the talent pool necessary to grow or complement your team with the right people.