Post lockdown: is marketing recruitment starting to wake up?


Post lockdown: is marketing recruitment starting to wake up?

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Like most of us, lockdown completely turned my life upside down.  Professionally in trying to protect my business and team, and personally in staying at home with two teenagers (never a feat to be taken lightly :)

I have worn many hats over the last 12 weeks and spoken to more people than I can count.  Unsurprisingly I did not have a lot of jobs to discuss; instead, I took this opportunity to listen, and my goodness did I hear some horrors.  The stories of those who have lost their jobs, companies not having the resources to ride it out, or marketers who have been badly mistreated by unscrupulous employers during a time when we should have all been pulling together.

I have been deeply saddened to hear about the way some people have been treated, but let’s not bring everyone’s day down; there have been some positives too!

Now it feels as though the world is starting to wake up.  Despite the scary figure of the UK economy contracting by 20.4% in April, for us things are starting to move again, if slowly.  

The impact of COVID-19 on marketing recruitment

When we entered lockdown all those weeks ago, it was not just marketing recruitment; pretty much everything ground to a halt.  Even active marketing jobseekers who are generally available retreated into their bubbles as we all focused on staying safe.

It is a testament to all those businesses and employees who worked hard to adapt to our new reality that we first saw the hints of things starting to pick up towards the end of April.  Slowly, video interviews for marketing job roles were happening, offers for new roles started coming in and companies adopted new remote onboarding processes to support their new marketing team members.

Fast forward to now, and the marketing recruitment market is gathering momentum, but it looks radically different to the one we left behind 3 months ago.  These differences are going to present key challenges to hiring managers looking to recruit for their marketing teams.

Where are we now?

We find ourselves in a skewed market, with far more marketing job seekers than there are marketing jobs.  The high level of redundancies and future job insecurity means that there are amazingly talented marketers looking for a new role.  If you are recruiting, you might think fantastic!  I have my pick.

Yes, you may; but a word of warning.  Your application rates are going to skyrocket, your processes are going to come under strain, and the challenge of screening potentially hundreds of CV’s is going to have a knock-on effect on your day job.  

As an illustration – we recently managed a senior level role at £80k for a client.  In normal circumstances, we would expect to receive anywhere from 75 to 100 applications for a such a role.  We were receiving over 40 a day for the 10 days the role was advertised!  This was in addition to our usual proactive review of the wider market and extensive network.  How many hiring managers have the time to screen 400 CV’s on top of proactive sourcing? 

As far as I am aware, very few would have the time for such an approach.  Consequently you will need to take time to consider how you best approach a new recruitment drive under the current circumstances.  Keep your eyes peeled for our blog on doing just that, coming soon.

Things are changing so rapidly at the moment, next week we’ll take a look at who is currently hiring, what type of skill sets and seniority of marketers are in demand and look at what has changed again.  

If you are finding things a little different then let us know!  We love a chance for a chat, so give us a call and I’ll be happy to discuss the market in more detail with you.