Meet the Team


Recruitment Partner

As a Marketing Manager in a previous life (in addition to running my own sales teams), I felt that marketing recruitment was a simple step for me as I understood it so well from both a candidate and client perspective.

Now I manage a number of FMCG, technology and financial services clients (amongst many others!) across the northern part of the South East.  I work with Marketers from all backgrounds, both agency and client side right across the marketing remit, from specialist Internal Communications, Product or Bidding to generalist and digital.

What I love about what I do  

It’s such a cliché but honestly, it’s the buzz of getting the right person for the role. When you interview a candidate and you intuitively know that they are the one the business has been looking for, and it is also the perfect opportunity to progress their career.

It’s especially rewarding when you have found them directly and they haven’t been actively looking but you give them the confidence to go for it.

​Something you didn't know about me