Recruitment Process

We believe in keeping things simple at Armstrong Lloyd. 

Our recruitment process is designed to deliver a superior service that ensures you reach your goals.  It takes just six steps for success, accompanied by your personal Recruitment Partner who really gets to know you and understand your business.

Discuss and Define
We work with you to develop the candidate specifications, the role parameters and screening criteria in a project kick off meeting (either face to face or remotely, which ever works best for you).

Market Mapping
As Marketing sector specialists, we are constantly assimilating rapidly changing market trends; which feed into our proprietary market mapping technique. This approach helps us to develop an intuitive understanding of your available talent pools and build our long list.

Short Listing
Many variables need to be considered to blend the right individual into an organisation.Here we take the results of our market mapping and carry out in-depth telephone interviews with your screening criteria to build a refined shortlist.

Interview Project Management
The shortlist is submitted to you, along with our detailed interview notes that provide additional insight into each candidate beyond the CV.

We project manage the interview stage from reviewing candidates, to managing the process and helping to manage internal stakeholders.

Once each stage is complete, we manage feedback to candidates and support you in your preferred choice.

Once your decision is made, we broker the deal with the candidate on your behalf.We present the proposed package and help to manager any counter-offers that may arise.

Agree & Ensure
Once the candidate has agreed, we don’t disappear.  We continue to support you through the candidate’s notice period and the onboarding process until the candidate is settled into their new role.

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