Who we work with in Technology...

We partner Technology businesses across the South East to provide recruitment services for marketing and communications teams.  We have a particularly strong track record with those who are globally owned / operated and are looking to introduce a stronger focus into the UK market, or in some cases establishing a UK presence for the first time and building their teams from the ground up.

Who our clients look for... 
Generally, we work with Technology companies who need marketing candidates from a similar background.  Marketers who understand the context of their markets; whether fintech, adtech, martech, SaaS, ERP solutions, cloud security, data management or other AI applications.   Consequently we have built up a network of strong Technology marketing candidates with experience across all levels of seniority.

As digital marketing skills are a must within this sector; marketing analytical and CRM expertise is particularly sought after, as is marketing lead generation experience.  We have had particular success in working Technology clients who are seeking experienced marketers who specialise in Channel Marketing, Field Marketing and Partner Marketing.   Consequently, we have an extensive network of these hard to find skills with the correct experience context that provides the businesses whom we work with  a headstart when recruiting for new marketing roles.

If you are thinking of complementing your existing marketing team by recruiting additional skills, backfilling an existing marketing role or bringing a new focus to the UK market, complete the form below and we'll be in touch to discuss how we can support your business needs.

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