National Sickie Day


National Sickie Day

Karen Lloyd Marketing

It’s National Sickie Day today!  According to national statistics, today is the day that people are most likely to pull a sickie.  A combined set of factors are attributed to this, including the first payday since Christmas, and people re-evaluating their career path and possibly attending interviews. 

Whilst it’s a serious issue and we never encourage anyone to throw a sickie, some of the reasons that people give are really just too funny.  So, we scoured the web to find the funniest excuses for a bit of light relief this February.

  1. Well Kevin I won’t be able to make it in today, I’ve had a good few beers and I’m still half drunk here…  @smudgeKK

  2. Phoned to say there had been a death in the family.  Well it was my daughter’s hamster.  It worked, well. @meestasam

  3. I did too much head banging at the weekend and hurt my neck @Aneetha1983

  4. A guy at my work rollerblades in.  Once he rang saying he couldn’t come in as the wind was too strong and kept blowing him backwards. @DickonWaring

  5. Left the car at the top of the driveway and the handbrake failed and rolled down the drive into the house @danza109

  6. I dropped a book on my foot and now I can’t walk @imortalpramheda

  7. My husband can not come in as there was a spider in the bath and he slipped and hurt his leg. Link

  8. I said I got my hand shut in a car door and broke my hand, then faked a broken hand for a month. Link

  9. I said I had nits (head lice) once. I started scratching my head the day before. It worked like a charm. Link

  10. Had a friend call the office to say I had an allergic reaction to a bee sting; "he was taken to hospital".  Placed a pocket knife on my calf and twisted it around a bit which gave it a mosquito bite looking affect. Just as well cause they asked me if they could see it the next day when I went in. Link