Digital optimisation - where does the future lie?


Digital optimisation - where does the future lie?

Karen Lloyd Career, candidate, Digital Marketing...

It is no secret that marketing agencies are most often at the forefront of marketing innovation and online marketing and digital optimisation are no different.

At their inception, the mysterious worlds of SEO, PPC, and SEM were firmly in the remit of agencies.  However, as time has progressed and businesses mature in their digital journey, the adoption in-house of the more technical aspects of digital marketing has increased significantly.  This definitely is not a new trend; we covered the challenges for those recruiting digital specialists in-house in a blog back in 2017.

Correspondingly, there have been increased opportunities for specialists in these disciplines to move client-side.  However, for those who have spent their entire career in agencies this might be seem like an uncertain move.  We thought therefore that we would take a look at the advantages to a digital marketing specialist moving in-house.

No longer a fee-earner

We find one of the biggest changes for digital marketing specialists is the transition from fee-earner to team member.  Whilst the challenge of working on multiple accounts and brands is fantastic, there is still the constant pressure to deliver a fee. 

In-house however, your motivation changes completely.  You are now totally focused on the goals of your company; individual ones as well as team and business wide ones.  No more being pulled in different directions by different goals can be very liberating.


Whatever you specialise in, whether it be SEO, PPC or SEM, you own the responsibility for delivering success.  It is your baby and your ability to influence that success in-house is much greater.  You are no longer so dependent on other external factors, such as the client relationship for example.  This provides a greater degree of autonomy and our digital colleagues report greater job satisfaction.

Become the expert

Whilst it can be brilliant to have the opportunity to work on multiple different brands, there is also a high degree of satisfaction in focusing solely on one.  It allows you to really get under the skin of the brand, product and industry.  Ultimately it means you become a true expert in your field for the business.

Company culture

Whilst there may not be a pool table in the corner and drinks every Friday, it is a mistake to think that client-side means dull.  Many corporate cultures are far more relaxed today, particularly those who are forward thinking enough to have fully embraced the digital transformation.  Many digital specialists report that the company culture and values client-side mirror their own values far more closely than an agency and they get tangible satisfaction from this.

Work-life balance

Everyone knows that agency-side means long hours.  Occasionally more will be required of you in-house, but overall in-house digital specialists have a better work-life balance than their agency counterparts.


Client-side may not be the right choice for everyone.  If you are looking for a fast-paced, creative, high octane environment then it won’t be for you.  However, if you are considering your career options in a specialist SEO, PPC or SEM role, do not discount in-house marketing teams. 

The opportunities are far greater than ever before and will only continue to grow as businesses embrace the power of digital and seek to push forward and break new ground.