Remote working in marketing - employers are not stepping up


Remote working in marketing - employers are not stepping up

Karen Lloyd employer, retention

In an environment where competition for marketing candidates is strong, these days you need more than just a competitive salary to entice marketers to join your team.   You must look at your entire benefits package, with flexibility a key component. 

More and more marketing professionals are seeking a better work life balance; we know that over 90% cite flexible working as important or very important to them.  Remote working is a core principle of a flexible approach, and businesses appear to be responding, with many offering remote working in marketing as part of their candidate attraction strategy.

However, an increasing number of candidates report that whilst remote working is promised during the application and onboarding process, when it comes to it, many managers are reluctant to allow their marketing teams to work from home.

So why are businesses and Marketing Managers paying lip service to the idea of remote working in marketing, but refusing to follow through when it comes to the crunch?

Trust is key in remote working in marketing 

Primarily it seems to come down to a trust issue.  One Marketing Manager in a large B2C corporate recently confided that their peers do not trust their teams to be working when they say they are and therefore, will only grant permission to work from home in exceptional circumstances.  How disappointing to hear in 2020!

We should be talking about working smarter and more efficiently with the ultimate goal of getting the job done, rather than a reversal to micro-managing employee's every minute.

In fact, this prompts a far wider conversation about team dynamics and hiring practices.  Ultimately you will end up with a team you can’t trust to fulfil their role, irrespective of location which will have a long term impact on your marketing team retention rates. 

In my opinion this just isn’t necessary with the technology we have available to us today.  If you have concerns about specific employees, remote logs can provide you with plenty of indication about their productivity, which will help you to open a conversation and address the issue.  

It is far more damaging to your marketing team’s productivity and long-term retention prospects in promising a flexible environment and then actually providing a rigid, intractable one.

Embracing remote working

This is a topic close to hearts here at Armstrong Lloyd.  We have fully embraced remote working and feel the benefits to the business daily in having a fulfilled and engaged workforce who feel trusted and valued.  

So our advice if you are struggling to let go and allow your team that flexibility, is to give it a go.  Allow them the opportunity to prove you wrong and use the tools available to monitor their productivity.  They might just surprise you!