My top 5 reasons why this is a great time to update your marketing CV


My top 5 reasons why this is a great time to update your marketing CV

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Thinking of taking the time to refresh your CV?  Strike while the iron is hot and get to it!
For so many marketers, pulling your CV together is a chore; I totally understand this.  But it is so important to keep refreshing it regularly as your career progresses.  
My top 5 reasons why this is a great time to update your marketing CV.
  1. Time is one of our most precious commodities.  If you aren’t working flat out these days and many marketers aren’t, then for once you have the time to devote to it.
  2. We forget!  It is vital to include your key successes in each job – with supporting numbers, and they have a pesky habit of disappearing into the recesses of your brain with time.  Missing these off is one of the top mistakes we find in marketing CV’s!  

    So regularly updating it with your recent wins helps to keep this fresh.  If there are simply too many to count, keep a separate document where you have a list of your key successes and metrics to support them that you can use as part of your interview prep and to copy and paste into your CV as you might need.
  3. You never know when an opportunity might come up at short notice and you need to fire it off at top speed.  If it is out of date you might lose that opportunity to another.
  4. Different versions:  I always bang on about tailoring your marketing CV to the job.  I don’t mean lie (obviously!) but bring to the fore those skills and experiences that are most relevant to what the job wants.  You can do an element of this in advance, dependant on your experience.  For example, if you have worked in roles with strong product responsibilities as well as digital marketing, have two CV’s, one focusing on product marketing and one on digital.
  5. It’s a great way of reviewing your current marketing skill set.  Seeing it down in black and white can bring home areas you feel you are weaker on – and now would be a great time to do a little online learning to fill those gaps.  Check out our list of free online marketing training that just might help.
If you simply don’t know where to start and need a guide, check out our free CV guide tailored for marketing professionals.
If your situation has already changed thanks to the upheaval of recent times, then please do feel free to get in touch.  We are #still working and have time for a chat and a little advice.